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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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The pose

Normal posturalny muscular tone The normal posturalny muscular tone is that basis on which the movements are formed.It quite allows to resist to gravity, but for the movement, even simple, it is not enough.Pose and the movement the phenomena dynamic and inseparable from each other.The pose changes at each movement, and the movement is actually process of change of a pose.In the first year of life against a normal posturalny muscular tone primitive unconditioned reflexes smooth gradually out and built in any coordinate models of the movement, allowing to be formed by mature motive reactions.

Not to pass

Therefore instead of a question: You took drug at a party yesterday?the parent asked: What drugs the youth uses now at parties?So you can learn that we see, without putting us in a difficult situation.Not to pass on personal, according to teenagers, parents should avoid the word you, and to replace it with the general words teenagers or people.Thus, parents could learn everything that want, without pointing a finger at the specific person.Do not try to frighten me of the stories I cannot report to you, how many times adults told me gruesome stories that happened to them in the childhood.

It is interesting

So one acquaintances allocated with gift told me to notice surrounding regularities.And I answered them that the child is guilty of such behavior no more, than the water submitting to universal laws of physics.It is interesting that pressure it is carried out extensively and as it seems to us, chaotically.Child.As if rushes on obstacles material or psychological all over, all the soul, sometimes wishing something absolutely ridiculous or rolling up a hysterics in absolutely insignificant occasion.

Our children

But it is impossible and to have a soft corner in the heart.Our children tried to operate us by means of tears, resting on pity.To give in means to render an ill turn.There is one more reason for fear.Our wards had no opportunity in the early childhood to fulfill in close communication with adults ways of expression of the feelings and the more so understanding of feelings of people around.It complicates communication of the child with teachers all of them merge in his consciousness in the uniform menacing weight which should be avoided.

Hoods of jackets

Caps Usual caps move down from the head therefore the most practical models are a hood a cap in the form of a hood which is tied or clasped under a chin, and the cap connected to a scarf the scarf closes ears, and too it is tied under a chin or it is wound round a neck.Hoods of jackets and coat which can be unfastened are very convenient.Footwear Before discussing footwear models, lets look at our feet, for that role which they carry out when walking and in balance preservation.For descriptive reasons make small experiment: Get up on one foot and move foot and fingers.

They warm, easy

Buying winter outerwear, choose jackets from the heatinsulating materials or lined from polyester.They warm, easy and well wash off in the washing machine.Some small children with a cerebral palsy have a sensitive skin, and they often sweat.Such children can have a hypersensibility to some materials or an allergy to certain fabrics.Prevention Always watch that materials of which the clothes are made, met safety requirements and were nonflammable or fireresistant.


The foundation of PATRIOTISM and love for the country are so laid.So the child is trained to scoop energy from the ordinary subjects surrounding him.In an ideal each subject in a home has to cause a sincere response, esthetic experience in the child.Partly the traditional world of the village was such.Carved utensils, painted chests, sledge, ware, a color embroidery everything turned use subjects into an admiring subject.Seasonal alternation of works and holidays was connected with the supreme laws of space or nature, turning daily life into intelligent ritual.

Well and good. They

The anger

The offered installation I the child Sozdatelya, and I am glad to bear light to other people.The anger is a way to selfdamage This lesson is intended for children of advanced age who are already able to handle a knife and will not experiment or play about with it.Materials Kitchen knife on a tray Lesson course Ask children that can occur if someone from them undertakes a knife blade.Then ask: If the one who undertook an edge of this knife, tries to hit someone it with the handle who thus will suffer more?

Do not count

So, learn to make magic trips to become the reliable conductor over these countries for the children.Do not count that the school will teach.GROWTH STAGES The baby, as well as all of us, endures discomfort and alarm from time to time.But unlike us he is not free to take care of himself.If its needs in food and caress are carried out by parents, the trust relations are established.In a basis of the Image of the World of the baby the confidence checked in practice that the world is kind, well organized is put and gives in to influence.

Daigive To teach

There is a goat horned To cause new syllables of babble a pas and, la.To develop and support aspiration of the child to come into contact with the adult in games: There is a goat horned, Will catch upwill catch up, Fortyforty.To enter muster with new syllables of babble.Daigive To teach the child to say the first facilitated words designating names of familiar subjects and actions: The doggie avav to eat to ama, the doll sleeps baybay.Actively to use words: mother, the father, the uncle, the woman, give, on, go, Bach, Katya, no.

The largescale

She told that, saying such words, I allow similar things to repeat in the world again.The largescale example made on me impression.It was the last time when I was called the similar word.You should not worry, having told the child that there is nothing terrible in homosexuality.Their sexual preferences will not change suddenly.Sexual preferences it did not put a choice.It is part of the child.You will not be able to solve for them.But your information, your understanding or their shortcoming can play a big role their lives.


At the end of the report the chairman asked this mother that she would advise future doctors.She told: Listen, please, to us parents.As it was right!I try to remember its council always.Exchange of information When parents are told for the first time that the child has a childrens cerebral palsy, they react absolutely differently.In the next days, weeks and months their relation to it gradually changes, passing through different phases.Almost all parents whom I know, at some point have an information need: they want to learn more, to clear something for itself, to receive answers to a set of questions.


From pain, from a hopelessness, from misunderstanding when all this comes to an end.So hours proceeded.Two hours of continuous tortures and the thawing hope for their fast end.The next survey brought a longawaited message disclosure full, but The child did not fall to the patrimonial canal!Why?What disturbs it?The doctor began to worry.Decided to do electromonitoring urgently.Brought the device, fixed belts and wires.More likely, it is rather!

I do not love

I was afraid to live at adoptive mother Hhowl.She was not brushed and strange looked.Sometimes it was simply terrible.And here Larisa big and warm.I sometimes wanted that she was my mother.I do not love when the father is not shaven, and from him smells worse, than from mother.So, it is necessary to have a shave, brush the hair, well to smell.To be soft and smooth in literal and figurative sense, that is to abstain from loud laughter and adult jokes.

The down

Oksana as the obedient schoolgirl, sat down for the volume.Really as there it is described, it has no such symptoms: fights are not present, waters do not leak, the bottom of a stomach does not pull.Only extremely, godlessly aches a back.Mother gave to Oksana down a scarf: Probably, chilled a waist, it is necessary to warm.The down scarf did not help, Oksana continued to ache.On the TV there was all a favourite movie Moscow Does Not Trust Tears.Mother seated the groaning daughter to the screen.


Aleksandra F.put him to bed and incidentally found a treasure of coins.Svyatoslav did not become puzzled, and took one and stretched to it with words: Here to you, Sasha money.You take it and do not give out me.Do not tell anybody that I store under a pillow.And as soon as guessed?From where in it ability to think of such difficult categories.He sincerely tried to mislead parents.But what business presently without it?And the main thing, looking for a way to conceal the truth, he in passing made the discovery inaccessible to many adult businessmen it is better to share part to keep fixed capital.

That knew

It is possible to try to provide to the child freedom maximum.Then all necessary combativity will be cultivated in it by the street.In safer societies and do.I remember how news shook the Soviet public that one of Fords descendants earns pocket money on a gas station.That knew the price to fathers money and could stand for itself.But under our conditions risk level, perhaps, exceeds the admissible.Far from parents in the society of full freedom it is simpler to earn not money, but a criminal record.

Thus, teenagers

Therefore the part of conversation can be devoted to that creates this problem.Thus, teenagers will be able to see themselves in a mirror of communication which you hold before them.BREAKING OF THE CODE MOTHERS VIEW OF THAT, THAT PARENTS CAN MAKE It is the most frightening head in the book because Rhett, apparently, could show: we practically have no chances to prove to children danger of alcohol intake and smoking.And we know that over time alcohol can appear the most dangerous thing in the childs life.

She simply

Therefore I know that I cause contempt.Sandra Kvinter, Kansas.Sandras mother did not think badly of the daughter, is sure, the last exaggerates.She simply wanted to let know her that Sandra was not diffident only because all are engaged sex, and it no.But all attempts of mother to help the daughter were vain as it incorrectly began conversation.Teenagers said to me that the best way to start conversation it to wait for an occasion.For example, looking through the movie or the telecast where the sex subject is touched and it now not a rarity, you could ask: What do you think of it?

Bright flashes

Some witch in a camouflage … Confusion, passions are humming … I noticed on myself when you are in process of game, cannot think logically and consistently.Bright flashes of the necessary decisions and understanding are built in similarity of tracer turn in fog.But in it time I as the Mentor, watched game from outside.It appeared not less interestingly.Passion of participants infects and when you run, accompanying team, and itself, involuntarily, start shivering for excitement whether we will find light of a big fire, whether we will hear welcome shouts of fans.


These words will become protection against those insults which they can put themselves or receive from people around during the day.The senior children can speak so: I feel heat and love in relation to myself or I love myself absolutely and completely.It no other than the appeal to the highest Essence.Thereby the child confirms that he recognizes presence of mind in himself.I urge you to say an adjusting prayer every time before the next lesson.Every time, intending to start occupations with children, write or say the approximately following: Minds and hearts of my children are open.


When conditions in his life changed the diapauza ended Volodya recovered.In total in a month after hit it started studying, playing Kitezh actively at theater, it is easy to meet with adults and children.I never thought that I can be the leader.Somehow got used not to lean out.In orphanage all to be afraid of everything.Here in Kitezh I learned that I at heart the leader.Fine!I even when hear these words at heart the leader, everything is excited in me.

At it you will

Future father is one more eyes and ears, and staying in a precise mind and strong memory, but not in bessoznanka from long physical tortures it I about women.At it you will not tell the woman in labor the rough word as at us it usually happens without strangers, you want you do not want, and it is necessary to be more collected, attentive and polite.Therefore the husband after all an any guarantee of that will not tell you that that not that and will not look as that not so.And so, when I having such unshakable and even a categorical position into the account of presence of the husband on childbirth gave a hint at this Dima, he right there blurted out to me the standard phrase: Well, same women stuff.


Place the child in comfortable conditions tell him only pleasant things, feed and lets sleep in plenty.Whether there will be at it an incentive for development?Whether it will begin to do efforts and whether in general any requirements will be born in it?The person and society, having appeared in ideal conditions, do not develop, and rot.Therefore, the nature put in all of us ASPIRATION TO the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.In the extreme form at children it is expressed as the NONOBEDIENCE INSTINCT.

First, from

But I was disturbed by some moments.First, from ours this maternity hospital is far at home minutes forty by car without !traffic jams.And if with traffic jams so in general it is possible to get stuck for a long time.And if I am not taken?First labor, of course, lasts long, but suddenly that?And native to me how to reach that to leave peredachka?Secondly, a situation when money is transferred in a pocket to the doctor even if also omnipotent the manager.

At a choice

At a choice of a supportive application of movement it is necessary to consider the following: it has to expand possibilities of the child independently and safely investigate the world; it has to promote increase in independence of the child; possessing two abovenamed qualities, it at the same time should not aggravate violation of a muscular tone and movements.The child who is able to creep and go without assistance, can study better and more actively world around as at home, and on the street.

We need

In it NATURALNESS and VITALITY of a community, in it our hope for construction more human, the universal developing environment for itself and our children.We need ONLY CREATIVE persons, speaking to Gumilevs language, passionariya!It is necessary to be the creative adoptive parent or the teacher, the creative cook, the creative farmer, etc.The general earnings depend on everyone and that is even more important, the general atmosphere in a community.Everyone drags the whole direction of life of our minisociety.

But you know

Too it would like to be tightened?I understand, it that parents want to know most of all, and I do not blame them.But you know also well, as well as I that turns out when you persist too aggressively in desire everything to find out.Transition to the personal one of the surest ways to destroy any attempt of productive conversation on drugs.It shows that you do not need the real conversation with us.Everything that is necessary for you, it to collect a compromising evidence on us but as I hope, you achieve not it.

That is, the near

About the girl!An eternal problem and the strongest incentive to development.Andrey when to him it was executed , ceased to say that he should and spit nothing on everything.To it began not to spit on Natasha!And he started listening to councils how to mature and draw its attention.That is, the near future, at last, began to cause in it interest.He mastered photoshop to make to Natasha a photomontage to birthday, he went to competitions in a pingpong, he started learning lessons!

And if a tongue

It such soft, viscous, pleasant aurally.Dmitry too it is beautiful, but it is firm.But Dmitriyevich.Same language can be broken!My fatherinlaw is called Victor Dmitriyevich.But on my memory anybody never so called him.A maximum Victor Dmitrich.And if a tongue twister, so in general one concordants are heard Viktr Dmitch.The same at whom problems with diction, call it in a familiar way tenderly and simply Mitrich.Here and to us such middle name, difficult for reproduction, Dmitriyevich got.

From it it was happy

From it it was happy not only it, but also the father because it was happy.Well, everything it was good, except me.And though I wanted to cease to call so it, I could not because she would understand that I called it so insincerely, and it very much would upset her.Since then I call her mother, and every time to me is sick not only because it to me not mother but also because I still conceal offense that from the very beginning induced it to do me.Mollie Rondor, Ohio.

To beckon

In one case it leads to development of infantility and indifference, in other to a constant internal antagonism with parents.The eternal dilemma to beckon or push.To beckon means for adults parents and teachers to be happy, joyful, vigorous, keen.The aspiration of the child to become similar is so put, and for the parent there is only a task to explain how step by step to solve this problem.If to push ahead of itself, it is better to order at once for children branded trousers with a boot print on the fifth point and the slogan our universal incentive.

Speech development

Over time this discrepancy amplifies as ability to understand becomes better, and here the speech lags behind in development everything stronger.Speech development at a cerebral palsy often begins after usual or it is slowed down.For all children for whom there is a risk of violation of speech development, useful can be additional methods of communication or a combination of the usual speech and some supportive applications which will help the child to express the thoughts and desires.It is necessary to develop the main skills of communication from the earliest age, still before extent of violation of an articulation becomes obvious.

To give

After the child turns the head and will find a look a sound source, the adult cleans a shirmochka and stimulates with the movement of a hand bell the child to turn over.If necessary the adult helps the child to make turn on a stomach.To give to the child the chance to take the sounding toy.To do turns serially in both parties.Drafts, drafts, potyagushenk To develop acoustical concentration on various sounds, an emotional response to the address of the adult with various intonational coloring of a voice tender, cheerful, strict.

Then toxicosis

It was impossible to go first it was necessary to creep.To CREEP!And only within several weeks, step by step, former ability to operate own body returned to Lana.Then toxicosis began.Incessant.Roundtheclock.Lana called it zayedalny.When she that chewed that, the state improved, stopped eating again stirred up.And played for all the time for the sweet.All pulls on salty, and here Lana on sweet.Mountains of chocolate bars began grow in the house.

It is known

Oho, as quickly!It that means?A latent phase of the first period of childbirth which usually lasts some hours and even days, we wonderfully passed, and already entered a phase active?It seems that so.Well, I think, now will not seem to me a little.It is known that the active phase the most painful also proceeds hours.Again Olesya Viktorovna came.Already reported on it that at me waters departed.Well, what?I call the anesthesiologist?

The general

Stay in pleasure deprives of the person of will to development and selfimprovement.The general conclusion the most effective environment for development remains the Wednesday with tough rules representing the dosed set feasible for the child a call.Thus, rather democratic, keeping a freedom of choice for the individual, demanding conscious, estimated approach to all surrounding phenomena.IMAGE OF THE WORLD THE MAIN GOAL OF KITEZH TO HELP THE CHILDREN WHO GOT TO TROUBLE TO CREATE THE NEW IMAGE OF THE WORLD BASED ON GOOD AND REASON.

Adults still

Because it is impossible to feign love, nobility, warmheartedness long enough skillfully rather time.Adults still manage to make a fool of each other, especially when ah, not difficultly to deceive me, I to be deceived is glad.But children great psychics.They always feel insincerity.Children do not have enough intelligence and life experience therefore the intuition is so developed at them, that is according to Jung ability to accept information directly through subconsciousness.

The only

Look at a back and the childs hips in drawing, they are too straightened and brought, feet are in the provision of plantar bending, the basin is inclined back to a back.In such provision of the movement of a basin, hips and trunks are impossible, the child cannot carry out the alternate movements by feet.The only way with which it is capable to move, to extend hands forward and to be tightened, without bending a foot.Thus extension in coxofemoral, knee and ankle joints will amplify.

Lets begin

Here I also want to argue with them.To arrange, so to speak, the correspondence ideological dispute.Lets begin with authors of the book We Expect a Baby.Bill and Marta Serz gave birth to seven children.Not three, not five SEVEN!Of course, the aspiration have a big closeknit family should cause respect.Especially in our century of impetuous recession of birth rate in the developed countries.Many children are an enormous experience which in many respects and Serzam allowed to write the book We Expect a Baby, and also to create the work Your Child which became the present bestseller.


The belt is stretched on a forward surface of a basin over coxofemoral joints at an angle ° in front back and fixed under a seat.The abductor for feet Parting the childs feet in coxofemoral joints, the abductor increases the area of a support in a sitting position.Lateral support for a trunk Support stabilize the provision of a basin and hold a trunk exactly on the average line.Vest of safety or breast belt These adaptations hold exactly the head and a trunk of the child who in a sitting position is filled up forward.

I mean that

Normal development of the child possibly only when also his parents develop.I mean that parents have to mature together with the child.Actually to parents of the kid with violations it is more difficult can seem to them that the kid does not develop, and they too stop but if they do not develop, and at the child will change nothing.It is extremely important not to stop in your development, joint with the child, differently you keep and will not be able to break already settled relationship that are formed between parents and the tiny baby.

Svetik was unshakable. He nagged


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